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Question about ToW unlocks

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Up to now I've managed to complete every week of ToW after the Ratburner (thanks for the busted tracking, Dice) and I want that MG30, but I'm going to be out of town that week and likely unable to play.

I know the rewards are supposed to show up for purchase once the week ends, but the Ratburner still eludes me and I never missed a gun unlock until now.  So here's my question, how reliably do the guns show up for purchase and are there any special steps I'll need to take to buy it?


  • Quilex
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    I have only missed one while on holiday and it was for sale the week I got back so picked it up for less than 2000cc. That's my only experience but it was not a problem. I just went into the gun selection screen and it had the option to buy it there. 
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