Platoon battles

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My idea is there should be a platoon vs platoon mode that platoon leaders can start,
The mode should work where you destroy the enemy telegrams and at the same time you defend yours, the unlike rush or frontlines you will have access to the enemy base on the beggining of the round and the enemy will have access to yours, there should be more vehicles avaible than the usual and you will have special reinforcements such as : refill vehicles,
Another thing would be :outside players : where other players may join the battle to back your platoon up, they will have less privileges and wont be able to spawn vehicles, the winning platoon will get alot of XP, and some CC
The platoon leader is the one that should start the battle and communicate with other leaders, this mode should only be avaible on large maps and requires extreme teamworking and communication, it should be a 32v32
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