Team-Matchmaking issue

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There appears to be an issue with the Team-matchmaking in Firestorm mode.
Details: PS4, west EU, most of the time searching for players with a 2-men squad.
(Playing in west EU, so shouldnt be a problem with player numbers)

There have to be some issues with the Squad system, creating squads in main menu. In general the matchmaking works fine and fast (10-30 secs, way better than a month ago) but in some cases it doesnt work at all:
No players are added to the squad, the timers runs down until the game puts you into a game no matter how many players are in your team.

Most of the time me/we leave the matchmaking process at about 2:00-2:50 min and leave the current squad, change the squadleader and create a new squad, then try again. But thats no guarantee for success.

Its definitely an issue after WINNING A MATCH. You win, leave the stats screen and the squadleader starts a new gamesearch. In that case the matchmaking NEVER works. Even recreating squads and switching Leaders doesnt work. You have to play a round without teammates or close the game application and restart it, then after logging into BFV servers and joining your new Squad, matchmaking seems to be some kind of "reset" and works fine again.

The squad system seems to be blocking some functions of the matchmaking process or something like that. Or blocks the other players from joining your squad or the other way around. Thats a theory based on the experience gained from leaving/recreating squads and retry.

Can we get the matchmaking to work in a reliable way? This is some kind of frustrating and annoying.
Im not even asking for duos mode again, to prevent that this issue is being a problem at all. But if we are forced to play in teams of 4, it would be nice to have the matchmaking working reliable.
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