Firestorm spectator's

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Every great shooter's at the first person, had  a spectator's where you could see peoples, from the first person camera, in order to - you could watch how peoples shooting and moving (Counter-Strike 1.6 for example). From the first person camera you can watch peoples who using cheats (like aimbot)... It is very sad that firestorm hasn't this. There are a plenty of peoples using cheats, and we cannot observe this... 
You cannot watch normally for peoples (who kill you) , who probably using a cheats... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
Because without this observation the game could become to the absolute unfair cheating arena...

PLEASE, create camera spectator from the FIRST PERSON viewing!!!!!

My previous same thread closed administrator, so i opened the same one....


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    Your previous thread was closed because you took it upon yourself to create alternate accounts to upvote the topic and then to insinuate that because I didnt agree with you that I am a cheater.

    That doesnt mean you get to recreate the exact same post, the exact same response will occur.

    If you do wish to revisit this topic, then you need to find a new way to get your point across.  The forum has plenty of users, so saying it is quiet and nobody will read it unless you upvote it is nonsense.

    Think before posting, simply recreating a locked thread is a violation of the forum rules - disruptive behaviour and/or spam.

    If you can think of a different way with reasonable points of discussion then great.  If not, chalk it up to experience.
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