Future skins and content for firestorm

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I would like see firestorm maybe move away from the historical accuracy just a bit, still keep it feel grounded but just so there can be more creative character skins(be able to mix and match clothing) and gun skins. Have more creative areas that could make the map eerie or areas that feel like there was a warzone, somthing to keep spicing up the map.

Cool to see randomly during the match where 2 planes dogfight and one crashes down and has loot. A cool random loot drop.


  • ChickenTheTank
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    In regards to the map issue, I think the team has a story in mind the map is going to follow. Based off the Portal and Half Life vibe i get from the new hanger room, added to the map changing... I think we'll get some interesting stuff coming from the environment at least
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