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I see that firestorm has a lot of players from all regions and this is a big problem. Buy not being able to pick the area that you live in affects the game play for all user's. It affects players ability to have a fare challenge while in battle it makes other players game play lag out with high pings and it is not my internet connection. I can't play with players from other areas that can't speak English this is a problem. If you notice that if you try to play on others servers in others country's the connection is not very good and your performance goes down and since I live in the state's I all ways play on servers with the best connection but on firestorm we do not get this option to pick which is bad for gamers that want the best gaming experience. 


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    Yeah, I waited for the patch in the hope that something might be done about Firestorm matchmaking, but it's as bad as ever.

    I'm in the UK, but 99% of games I get put onto US servers with a ping of 90-100ms and  ~25% of my client hits not registering on the server.

    By contrast, if I play conquest, breakthrough etc I always get ~30ms ping and 95% hit registration.

    End result is it's not worth playing Firestorm because when 25% of your bullets go missing, what's the point ? I lose almost every face to face gunfight and there's nothing I can do about it.  Thanks for that EA.

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