Dice have to remove the black circle that marks the area of an artillery strike

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That thing that appears on the minimap makes the artillery barrage completely useless as the enemies have plenty of time to run away and go to safe area, not talking about the fact that it can give the position of players that can be miles away from you


  • mike2289
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    I think thats the whole point of it its not about getting kills, its just about helping you get away at times when a team is pushing like creating a barrier and makes enemies have to move out of cover so you can shoot them while in panic mode.
    V1 for the kills.
  • Kongo030
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    Given people complain about the arty strike it doesn't sound like a good idea. I do agree it shouldn't be available at all in the last circle. However also the spotting flare is annoying in the end game. 
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