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Medic Low Rate Smgs Problems and ARs

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From Japanese, thx u watching my massage.

Medic Weapons of Low Rate Smgs are Low recoil and Good accurally

But Have Problems. It is TTK on Damage models.
Smgs are all the same damage 25.1-13 or 25.1-15

I think so Suomi KP-31 is Bad accuracy and high rate weapon.
Short distance weapon. About Till 20m can shoot no miss shot and high speed kill in short it.

Good 770rate so till 20m .

High rate Smgs are good.

But 540Rate MP-40 STEN
514Rate MP-34 ZK-383
670Rate MP-28
600Rate MAB-38

I think so these are wrong.

They are being down Rates for Far fight.
And got accurallys.

But the damage models TTK speed are troll.
Or later 30m, 6 shoot kill in 514-600 rate.

And Ballets speed are slow.

6shoot 400m/s ballet speed and high ballet down and low rate.

I think so it is bad. Because AR’s LMG’s damage models are 5shoot Till 50m and high ballet speed low ballet down ...

StG is very very accurally and soso 600 Rate.
LwisGun is 47-94 ballets very good.
SturmGewehr 1-5 is good accurally and high 670 rate.

OP M1907SF
21 ballets so it is not OP? No
About Till 40m , we can hit in 770rate on 5 shot?
So too good accurally in 770 rate.

And These are
「Why can fight with short distance.」 problems.

AR LMG s are can kill 4 shot till 10m.
And soso rate and 770 high rate weapons. All the same damage models in those frames.

Low rate Smgs hmmmmm......

I think good accurally but too late ttk than other weapons.

So wrong.
short distance ttk low speed.
Medium Distance low speed.
Long Low speed.

All low ttk. So too bad...

I think more weapons balances.

This is my ideas.
AR Lmgs are short distance damage will be nerf.
514-670 rates 25.1→24.9
770 rate 25.1→19.5-22.5

Amd low rate Smgs distance damage change

514rate 30.5, 25, 20, 18.5 (10m, 15m, 50m, 70m)
540 568rate 28, 25, 20, 18.5, (10m, 15m, 50m, 70m)
600rate 26.5, 25, 20, 16.7, (10m 12.5m 45m 60m)
670rate 25.1, 20, 15 (10m 40m 50m)

These damage change ideas are good?

I think need these.
And if u will say
「∞ Hearls so non need smg will be like AR.」
When I will say
「successive ability is high yes . But high kill speed game this BFV.
Because can’t compensate TTK s big difference .
If u need successive ability in other departments More high speed (12.5-15s) automatic recovery with 100HP.
It is need for more shooting each other quality.

And So low rate Smgs be AR project is not OP weapons made.
Only good TTK in Medium distance. Non high TTK in far and short. Not OP.
OP is M1907SF pls nerf.

And MP-28 need one more accurally.
He is bad accurally if got right side professional skills.
Need accurally buff Till near side of SturmGewehr 1-5.

Need think more Balances. Non realism to game systems.

Shootomg each other is very fun in BF series.
Pls weapons balances and made systems for we can have fun with all guns.

Games Quality is

many choices and their performance have features
That don’t have differences of performance.
All weapons are uniformity in it.

If DICE want to gives Roles Features,
When u go to gadgets performance.

Pls gives funs to us in shooting each other.

TTK difference in all distances are I will hate...


  • Hawxxeye
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    Thanks for trying to give your feedback in spite of the language barrier. It shows how much you want this to be a better game.

  • StrikerLeecy126
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    My most use of medic weapon is MP34 and Sten, and strangely I prefer low rate of fire SMG than high rate of fire SMG. 
    The latter one indeed have advantage in CQB occasions, while it's hard for me to control the recoil when dealing with players at distance (25+ meter) (If you are good at it, you are better than me). 
    For the low ROF SMGs, you may find it much easier to manage and make your shots reliable and consistent, and due to the DMG buff of MP34, I sometimes are willing to compete with the snipers in smaller maps with it. And the hip fire spread seems to better than those fast fire SMG making it more reliable when hip fire consistently. 
    For Assault Rifles, it definitely have distance advantage over SMGs, but the hip fire statistic is way too worse than SMGs and you may find that you cannot rely on the hip fire of ARs to kill someone over maybe over 10 meters. 
    So every type of weapons has its advantages and disadvantages, I think the weapon in BFV is quite decent and content. Though I don't know whether it's a good idea to give SMGs 3x scope like BF4 where you can use medium 4x range scope on SMGs.
  • Entek101
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    Low ROF + low damage = hard to kill anyone at close range AND distance.  30m + kills with the mab is a good example - its luck NOT skill.

    They do all look very similar - the smgs blend into a classic t shaped gun that sounds like popcorn and deals low damage - the iconic Thompson is not so iconic and "fun" to use sadly.  

    I see the OP point - but how to change it?  Increased rof may make them op, but is this bad compared to other guns?  If you take a shotgun insta kill and compare it to the assault 1907 rof, are they balanced due to the range they are designed for?  

    What ARE the medic guns for?  What is their optimal range?  What are they SUPPOSED to shine at?  Because taking a generic smg and tweaking some of its attrbutes then releasing it as a new gun variant (ranged smg, bipod smg) doesn't work fantastically well - specially if you want the assignemnts to be the same for all of them.  Suomi can do the hipfire objective, mp34 not so much.

    Smgs in old bf games seemed to dominate at close range - I LOVED the engineer class in bf4 due to that - the medics in this seem - weak?  I body shot a lot tho - I hear stories of people doing headshots for success.
  • Cropulus
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    I really think the medic class is good where they are. I score best with medic out of all my classes.

    I understand the OP's view on weapon balance though. I think you just need to plan your engagements more as medic and you should most of the times just disengage. The score and kd I get with medic, makes me believe that a buff to those weapons would not be needed. I would welcome it, of course, but I am afraid it would make it overpowered. I like that you need to think before pulling the trigger. If I do not want to think, I will pick an AR or LMG. 
  • dayglowfroggy
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    I have found the suami Thompson and zk383( fast rate of fire) are all worth using but the rest just don't have the closer range benifits or longer range compared to other classes.
    Tge bipod on the fast rpm zk does give you good range option as well as close.
    Then with Thompson and suami is either close distances with smoke and /or be super aggressive but they work well.
  • Hamu_Egg_Moo_ooM
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    Thx u many thinks.
    Yeah High Rate Smgs are strong I feel the same.
    And low rate Smgs can fight yes.

    But MP-40 is one step hard. Because high recoil in Full auto fire.
    Horizontal recoil is big than STEN.

    I watched Stats and MP-40 is low recoil than STEN. But why I feel big recoil...

    And I’m using a skill of recoil controls.
    It is tap fire.
    This game is for example

    “ Till First and second shot left side up recoil
    Decision is in 70-90° Random.
    From 3 shot right side up recoilーーー...”

    If Used tap fire (left click double hits) when we can have only 70-90° Left side up recoil.

    Can be unity.

    Im using this.

    So STEN is soso all up recoil. But MP-40 left side right side left... I hate this difference.

    Ok let’s go back talk.

    The 70-90° This stats will be small, good accuracy.

    And Horizontal recoil width will be Multiplication this 70-90° This is the gun’s accuracy I be leave this thinking.

    This Accuracy is low rate Smgs are good. And can kill can fight.

    But the kills and won are ur good skill difference.
    I think so. The killed man’s skills are poor than ur skill.

    If ur skill the same men fight with u 1 vs 1 the same time shooting started...

    M1907 VS STEN with 40m

    I think will win 1907.

    I want to say 「why the high rate weapon can kill far players? Because Assault Rifle?」

    Suomi and high rate Smgs are good balance because so can’t fight with far.

    But The same rate of MP-28 SturmGewehr 1-5
    And M1907 are

    high rate

    good damage in far

    good accuracy

    And what is big problem? It is

    DICE IS NOTICE this balances.

    Yes if be buff the Smgs good skill have man are all be strong more.

    But it is original state. Originally we got more better low rate Smgs.
    Like ARs we can use it. But it’s non came...

    And the many kills of skills difference are all players can do it. I beleave it.

    Players will learn how to play good better and try try try...

    Competition to be born there.

    So I respect u DICE.
    Pls More gives chance Low rate Smgs.

    I dislike will die guns differences of performances.

    I will choice if I’ll die , it is skill differences .

    And more ideas.
    I think customs...

    Why only color?

    I think more choices...so

    “Stock changed, u got 15% Low First Shot recoil magnification

    But recoil 18% more got. “

    This custom is Strong Tap fire.

    And like this?

    “ Muzzle changed. U got Left side recoil from Right side recoil in First-second shots.

    More choices in guns.

    Professional skills only are width narrow.

    And want trolling play customs.
    MP-40 + x6 scope x3 scopes... HAHA

    If u will add these customs...

    we can feel

    ・Cool color guns and Want buy More Billing customs.(Billing difference is not.)

    ・Many choices like BF4.

    ・We can enjoy many better guns performances.

    Can Unlock fast than The professional skills.

    So Can enjoy new Weapons.

    We can’t need feel neglects for unlock the professional skills.

    DICE “ U CAN DO IT “
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