Patch made game unplayable.

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I know this isn't technically where this is supposed to go, but bug reports go totally ignored in the Answers HQ.

Every time I try to load into a match it just freezes after about 17 seconds and after 1:45 minutes it just crashes to the dashboard. This has happened 3 times in a row and I've been totally unable to play a match since downloading the latest update. I'm on XB1 and I use an SSD. It normally takes me less than 10 seconds to load into a match.

Not only is that a new major issue, but I've also seen proof that planes are bugged, that enemy player models are bugged so they're semi-invisible. I know that Axis facepaints are bugged. Oh, and Firestorm is so broken they disabled it.

Did this patch do anything except break everything?
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