PC vs Console

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I've seen tons of videos on you tube and reddit from people who play BF5 on pc (they all have tons of gold skins and have hardly any recoil) what do you guys think of this?


  • The_BERG_366
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    the recoil is the same for both console and pc. however the native input device for pc is mnk, for console its a controller. naturally mnk yields better accuracy and more precise recoil controll. also keep in mind that people who bother to post videos are normally more dedicated players which are more skilled than the average player.
    so if you see a video of someone and it seems like there is barley any recoil than it's mostl likely simply them controlling it very well.

    finally gold skins requirements are exactly the same as well. if people have a lot of gold skins they simply grinded them out. it's mostly about commitment.
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