Separate Companies for Separate Countries please?



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    At this point I don't see how that would work. Would take a significant amount of development time in order to create faction specific cosmetics (uncommon,rare, epic) and stock said factions with factions specific vehicles..... 

    Waaaaaaay to much development time spent for the all other issues this game has. As I've always said creating multiple factions is redundant and given the state of the game currently would be hugely counter productive to the actual fixing of the game which should be top priority. But hey I'm DICE will cave to all these guys screaming about "muh immersion, muh historical accuracy, muh authenticity"!
    well here is my counter: they already are of the mind set of just changing the colours of previously already implemented costumes and showing them off as new, so I dont see why they wont do the same. They already have 2 items with American flags on them and some American Helmet (Pit Crew comes to mind) not to mention some of the unifroms ingame ARE American, so Im pretty sure they have done the same for the Japanesse already
    Maybe they have, maybe they haven't... I don't personally care but I think that this is a bad move. Simply because the game never advertised multiple factions, and thus suddenly splitting cosmetics to include payed ones may anger the paying customers. It would only make sense paying customers would get precedence over the minority of people calling for split factions. 
    Im not saying split the cosmetics, just give us the ability to play the relevant people on each map. There are no Japaness cosmetics that the Germans are going to lose once they are added, and the British can keep running around with bucket helms, im just saying that we need more 'bodies' to put them on, so that we can enjoy as many of our cosmetics as possible, because as it stands, I have many that while they would look amazing, arnt amazing enough to replace the current ones I have equiped, which makes unlocking new outfits in tides of war kind of meh UNLESS its one that really compliments the current set. 
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