Xbox 'Loading Screen' Unexpected Crash

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Hi folks,

Just wanted to share an update on todays Hotfix.

One thing that we were targeting was a fix to improve stability issues on Xbox, and since deploying the update today, we've discovered that this hasn't solved all targeted instances of instability as previously expected.

An issue that we are presently tracking concerns instances where the game crashes back to the Xbox Dashboard during the loading screen. We presently believe that this issue appears most prominently on Conquest and Breakthrough, and prominently on Rotterdam and Devastation.

We do not believe that the issue is exclusive to this combination of maps and modes, and we are seeing plenty of active rounds on these maps and modes (including Rotterdam and Devastation) with full servers too. However we did want to bring it to your attention as we appreciate that some will remain frustrated that they're seeing crashing behaviours. The stability issues do not appear to be affecting other, smaller modes, or either of the other platforms.

The team is performing more investigations overnight, and will continue to work on the issue through tomorrow. 

Update 9th July Hey folks - a quick note to advise you that this Thursday we will be attempting to deploy a 2nd Hotfix that's designed to target the present stability issues on Xbox. I'll be back with more detail as soon as we see it pass our Certification processes.

Freeman // @PartWelsh 

Edit - Please see news about a second hotfix here -
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