MAB 38 Mastery V impossible to make, or just bugged out?

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It says you have to kill 7 people over 30m in ONE LIFE.

Probably it could be doable if you play with a squad of friends, one always ready to revive you, the other ready to resupply you of ammo. But if you play with randoms exclusively like me, i think it's almost impossible to achieve the task.

Wheter i play conquest or grand operations, i cannot kill more than 2-3 people over 30 metres without dying because of campers or stronger assault weapons or mg42s and similar. First of all, 98% of assault enemies i face use exclusively STG 44 and SG 1-5 who laser kill me from 800m away, they have higher rof, faster muzzle velocity, accuracy and range. Few others use Riberoilles and funny thing, it shoots faster than a MAB 38 having bullet velocity installed. My ping is 25. Happened a tons of time, me and the Riberoilles dude start shooting at the same time, while im shooting i see my bullets taking forever to reach him, while his bullets reach me all in a millisecond. And when he shoots with the riberoilles, it looks like hes using a Thompson with insane rof and not a Riberoilles. I dont know if it is extremely bad netcode or some kind of rate of fire hack. but im not here to talk of this.

Then campers problem. I even tried to play a grand operation to see if i can manage to kill 7 people over 30m considering it is supposed to be a slower mode, but there the quantity of campers is multiplied by 3000%. In both teams. Both teams just dont move from their spot. Even if i manage to kill 2 or 3 people at 30m range, than i run out of ammo because MAB 38 mag is small even if you equip the extended magazine perk. Supports are camping with mg42 and they dont refill you at all. Because they're camping. You have physically to go to them and ask for ammos, or just pick them up from their backpacks if they have it. Otherwise you have to go to the ammo station to refill yourself and you get instantly killed by 32 enemy campers not moving from their spots. If you lucky and manage to refill your ammo, then the few medics never revive you even when they can and theres nobody around. Or they dont want to risk to revive you. both things always happen to me. 

This mastery V is driving me crazy. I think it should be fixed or made easier. I wonder if Dice ever try their stuff before releasing it.
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