What is going on in these forums?

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Do you really have thugs shutting threads down because you’re tired of hearing from your frustrated fan base?
Jesus, what has happened to my beloved battlefield.


  • Carbonic
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    I can give you my take on it as one of the "thugs".

    This is a moderated forum, it's not 4chan or Reddit. This means that threads/posts gets locked down or removed if they break the Forum Rules & Guidelines:
    this mostly happens because some people can't behave themselves and discuss in a proper manner. Children visit the EA forums, it's treated as such.

    Like how I have to lock this thread as it discusses the forum moderation which is against the forum rules - this forum is supposed to be about Battlefield, threads upon threads of people discussing Battlefield, not a bunch of drama-filled threads about how someone got banned or their thread removed. If you have any questions or comments on how the forum is being run you should contact a community manager or moderator on here instead, although the guidelines pretty much sums it up.
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