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battlefield 1 multiplayer not working? taking a long time loading game? no players in the game?

whats the issue?
whats going on?


  • WetFishDB
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    It would be helpful to know what region, platform, and game mode you are trying to play - as well as how you are trying to get into the game.

    For example, I have been playing EU, PS4, Conquest and there have been 4 servers running pretty much 24/7.  I’m going via the Server Browser and can always get a game.
  • -Antares65z
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    edited July 12
    Are you using Quick Match? if so, that's the problem. If you're using QM, it's taking awhile to load the game because its searching for an active match. It fails which is common and dumps you on an empty server. Use the server browser. first reset the filters, then choose a game mode and under Free Slots, select everything accept All and Spectator.
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