Milsim Recruitment

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Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Private First Class Cytholly of 5th Ranger Battalion. I am here to answer any questions you may have if your insterested.

The 5th Ranger Battalion is looking for new active members who would like to be apart of something great.

5RB is a military simulation unit (milsim) on Battlefield 5.


Will I be required to do events with the milsim everyday?

The answer is no. But just remember the more you participate the faster you will get promoted and have the most fun with us. 5RB wont start doing milsim things until private servers drop in Sep. when all the milsims come over to BFV from BF4.

Can I earn promotions now?


What will be required of me to join?

Here are the requirments (see below)

Age 15+ however exceptions can be made.

Line chat will be required (similar to discord)

Mics are required.

BF5 is required.

Xbox 1

If you are insterested Message myself on xbox. My gamertag is below:

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