McDankies - East Coast Xbox Crew Looking to Recruit Competitive Players

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McDankies [Piff]
Sick of playing alone with crappy squads that don't work together or communicate?  Sick of your girlfriend or wife interrupting your BFV time with naggy ****? So are we! Here at McDankies (clan tag Piff) we are long time gamers that love the Battlefield series, smoking piff, copping headshots, teamwork, killing noobs, destroying tanks and winning.  If this sounds like your style then McDankies is the platoon for you.  We are competitive gamers by nature but with a casual atmosphere, we are really all just here to have fun.   
We play all game modes, but typically prefer Grand Operations... We do not play Firestorm.  

McDankies is looking for players who:
-Are based on the east coast  (For latency stability - Average under 50ms preferred)
-Actually use their mic 
-Follow orders and give orders - Play the Objective!
-Are over 18 and don't have high pitched voices
-Play competitively and frequently place top 5
-Are skilled with multiple classes 
-Speaka da English
-Love destroying tanks and crushing noobs

Typically we play every day / night at any given hour of the day - often times late night 11pm+ after when our girlfriends finally fall asleep. 
Joining up is currently open to all,  give us a shot and have some fun!

See you on the Battlefield,

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