The Flying Dutchmen clan is recruiting! Dutch platoon for BFV (PS4)

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Hey there Battlefield player!

The Flying Dutchmen clan is a Dutch Battlefield Platoon on PS4 looking to recruit new members!
It is a new clan that has been founded by me (NeonAerow on PSN).
It is aimed to bring casual but PTFO players together to actively play BFV in squads. 

The only requirements are:

-You are 18+
-You preferably speak Dutch (English speaking players are still welcome, although Dutch will be the main language) 
-You have a mic
-You are a fairly active player (no real commitments here, just be online for a couple of nights a week)
-You know how to PTFO and have fun in the game with teammates

Does this sound like what you are looking for? Message NeonAerow on PSN and apply to join the platoon in the Companion app.

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