Battlefield V Bugs and Issues Weekly Collection 12/07/2019-19/07/2019

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Hi guys and welcome to my topic where I will include all the bugs and issues on the game that I encounter, I'll do this to try to improve the game and to help the devs to fix it.
If you want to be part of this process you can.
I will post every week on the Battlefield Forum and on Twitter at @WeLoveBF.
I play on Xbox One and my GT is SPQR FeaRLesS.
I'm really getting nervous with the team, in the last week anybody answered me, if the game is in this state it needs a huge improvement so I'm doing what all the community should do and sometimes does but if devs don't even read then close the forum and do whatever you want with the game.
#1 Frameshots problems
It's the most important problem affecting the gunplay with netcode issues and weapon balancing, as I said on the previous discussion it could'nt be a personal network problem because you actually can't get frameshotted like that in a FPS, if it is just let me say that server stability is absolutely gone.
Anyway I think it's a Netcode/Weapon balancing issue, I get frameshotted everytime by Suomi, Thompson, STG 44, FG42 and Sturmgewehr 1-5.
It's the most frustrating thing that is in the game even more than stuttering, in this game there isn't a constant relationship between TTK and TTD you always need more bullets to kill than to get killed, I don't know why you guys have changed so drastically the gunplay in this topic but I just getting tired of those problems and it needs a change, maybe going back on BF1 TTD could be a good choice or whatever it is but it's important to slow down the TTD.
Also another thing that actually can frustrate a player in this cases are the sound effects when getting damaged it feels like you got continously get fired by someone and also suppression while get fired don't really give you any idea of  from where you're getting fired, back in the days with the visual suppression on BF3/BF1 you really were able to understand when to move or when to be stationary.
#2 Really slow loading of things in the company menus
I don't know if it's just for me but on Xbox it needs so much time to load the soldier, the weapons and pretty much everything on menus, I've never seen something that slow in a Battlefield Menu and it surely need an improvement.
#3 FOV Reset on Al Sundan
On Al Sundan FOV gets resetted every start of the round.
#4 Getting killed from behind a repair
In this case the enemy maybe hitted me on the shoulder but this cases are frequents and affect the gameplay pretty much every gunfight, I think that's a Netcode problem.


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