Infantry only (teamdeath mtch) on Marita

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As stated DICE is going to release Marita before Al Sundan what is understandable because of the bugs and glitches with the map. Now what I don't understand is that DICE is releasing only infantry maps, while we have infantry focused maps like teamdeath match. I'm not going to play Marita because this franchise is really based on the combined warfare what makes this franchise great. So releasing maps with only infantry so such a bad development choice now you have a map that is only teamdeatch match and this has no added value to players who wanted more maps for a bigger experience without the vehicle gameplay. A map is a setting and needs have a gamemodes on it to make it playable for different players, but releasing a map only devoted to one type of player is just dividing the player base and stopping players from playing. DICE just can't hold this game together if they only can make one experience in Battlefield that doesn't give player choices but the makes players forced to play the way game is being released. I hope DICE reworks the maps and adds at least one vehicle.
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