Can we have a relaxed debate all together, us and EA staff, about cheating please?

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Please read all, if i can take 5 minutes of your time.

I know Mr Braddock already posted a statement about it long time ago about improving FairFight in a unknown future. If he wants to intervene here, he's free to do it exactly as other EA members if they want to read and participate.  I think we can have a calm and relaxed debate all together, Battlefield players and EA staff about how to reduce the cheating situation in this game. Theres no need to lock threads or jail people's account (like mine time ago when i opened threads like these) .

The cheating situation in EU servers (the ones i play) is becoming unbearable now. Just this evening, i played 5 consecutive conquest games and in all five there were multiple cheaters. In chat both team were calling out this or that to leave the game. First match i joined, a dude was already 100+ kills as an assault at mid game in conquest. Few minutes before the end of the game, he left. Another cheater entered the same server. And so on. In my last game in Twistel Steel, there were 3 at the same time. One even managed to one shot kill me vertically through the bridge. He was on top of it in the middle of the road, i was at grass level, he shot vertically though the road, steel and all the other materials the bridge is made of and killed me instantly. 

Now we are in the situation that cheaters in chat even mock regular people to report them if they dare. Because they know they get unpunished even if we report them all. Some even say "deal with it" or "uninstall the game if you dont like this". In Battlefield 1, anytime i reported somebody for cheating, i was sent an email from EA telling they will look into it. But here in Battlefield V, i never ever received the same email anymore. Like you send the report and it ends in a blackhole and you have to pray the lord for somebody to see it. Sometimes i suspect that FF is even disabled. 

Now, two very famous chinese cheating clans are even joining our EU servers to to ruin our experience. Some have 200+ pings because they join directly from China, others of them live here (asian community is large especially in southern Europe) and have low pings.. but they are still part of the same chinese cheating clan/clans. In EU cheating is so bad, i still face people i already reported multiple times at day 1 or just after even now. Still there playing, undisturbed. I'm not talkin about good players falsely reported. But people using hacks to have an advantage in game. Many of them dont even hiding it. Some of them, were also being recorded by EU Battlefield youtubers months and months ago. And they are still there. In EU conquest in every game you find cheaters. Many very blatant, others try to disguise themselves, but sometimes when you spectate them, you see they activate their cheats on and off repeatedly during their game. Others cheat for the first half a game, the second half you see them doing nothing, if not just building fortifications to lower their suspicions and stats.

A friend of mine is a Rainbow Six Siege player. He always said to me, at one point the game was in a so very very bad state, that servers were so overrun by cheaters you were forced to rage quit. That game had FairFight. And even there, FairFight proved to be totally ineffective in fighting cheaters. In one of their health patches, Ubisoft replaced FairFight with Battleye, and massive ban waves started to flow from the first second the new anticheat system was implemented. 

Now i ask EA members here, why you dont dismiss FairFight for BattleEye? . And also please,  no more 1 week or 2 week bans to cheaters as it happened in Battlefield 1. Instant permanent hardware ban to cheaters. Cheating in this game is as much important as fixing the netcode. Because if you dont make a strong decision about fighting cheaters, then you will have a fixed netcode but with no players left to play the game. Implementing BattleEye and HWID bans is priority.


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    You're wasting your time.
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    agreed. Itll just get locked. Just change server. I've had some cheaters on ps4 too
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    In before lock....Ea and dice have resorted to ducking their heads in the sand regarding this issue. Ive seen the same cheaters for months, even bragging about "accounts" in chat. Nothing happens to any of them
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    In west coast USA, there are usually zero grand ops servers, sometimes there is 1. There is usually 1 east coast server.

    For the past week, my friend and I have had to quit every day from the 1 or 2 grops servers because of someone going full head-shot-killing-entire-server cheats.

    With Conquest at least there are enough servers to switch. With other modes, there is no out, a single feeble can shut down that entire mode.
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    The ONLY way to combat cheating is to Stop Buying Battlefield Games until they do something about it. If EA keeps making millions and millions off these hacked to death games why would they spend money to fix any of it? WE have the power to fix it by not buying the game and letting them know why.
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    Appreciate your effort.
    I play in Singapore and Japan servers and the situation was already bad since the game lunch and get worse and worse, mix that with the game's poor performance and yeah, you know what it's like.
    I think at least Dice/Ea should improve the report system though. To pause the game, open scoreboard, view profile, overlay shows up(which is very slow and laggy) click report. I think this process could be better (Or there's better a way that I don't know? pls, tell me I really need this.)
    About the e-mail that they send back when you report someone, I got one or two e-mails a long time ago after I report 5-10+ suspicious player and now I don't get this kind of e-mail anymore. 
    For now, I think what we all can do is wait and see what Dice/Ea will come up with and keep report those cheating players.
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    Hello all, thanks for participating and say your opinion. 

    When i created this thread last night, the second i pressed the button to post it, a screen told me that the same was going to be put on standby waiting for approval by mods. If it's been published today, i think we have the approval by moderators (?)

    If we want to keep this thread open and not shut down as all the similar other threads, please lets keep the debate civil. No accusations, no screenshots or videos showing stuff about cheaters please. 
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    Nothing to discuss.  cheating is bad.  everyone wants them to ban all cheaters.  EA don't like cheaters either.  blah blah blah.

    EA has cheating measures in place.  Last I played the game they have little reports that show up in game and say they banned x amount of cheaters.  So some guys must be getting banned.

    anti-cheat measures are always behind the cheating.  they plug one hole and then another hole opens up and it takes awhile for them to plug that one before yet a different hole opens up. And on it goes.

    You can beg for more and better anti-cheat measures.  But it isn't like EA isn't aware of the begging.  They've had begging for anti-cheat in every BF game.  But doesn't do anything constructive.  it just creates paranoia.  Once people start seeing cheaters and thinking about cheaters and dreaming of cheaters they start seeing cheaters on every corner.  It overwhelms them.   Not a lot of people are good at spotting cheating except for the obvious cheating and even fewer people are good at doing their due diligence to collect evidence of the cheating before reporting a person.  Even some of the best guys that look for cheating will ultimately just report first and question later if they question at all and don't move on.  One's ego is always soothed much better if the other is cheating so there is total incentive not to follow up. 

    Last, if you're playing the game a lot, then that's not exactly a vote for cheaters ruining your experience.   Also how are all these other people playing the game regularly if cheating is so bad. ?   

    PS.   they are working on private servers and at least some aspect of them will be free.  And private servers will give people the ability to get rid of the obvious cheaters and lots of collateral damage.  (Although knowing EA/DICE...there will be something about kick player that is annoying.  Like they'll let you kick someone, but they will be able to just hop right back on and the feature to issue a permament ban or temporary ban will come summer 2020 or something.  :)  )  Anyway once private servers hit, we'll get the waves of overzealous admin complaints.  And how every server has admins that boot anyone that kills them or boots anyone who gets accused by  someone they killed.    blah blah blah.

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    We're not accepting new cheating threads at this time.

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    In EU we have plenty of servers. But the problem is. You find cheaters in any game, some blatant others not that much. When theres one, the server gets empty few time later. And you have to change server because there are no players left. Then you change server to a new one, and you end up in one with poor team balance. Like 6 vs 28 players. And you are forced to leave again. Then you enter a new one, you find a cheater and server gets again empty. And so on and on in an endless loop. In 5 conquest games i play in a row, i probably have to change servers at least 3 times because of this or because of that. Also, the fact the maps in this game are not that great is also another big factor. I see a mass exodus when theres Fjell, Aerodrome or Hamada for example. I dont blame them too. I personally dont like Aerodrome either. It's all camperfestival with people not even trying to get flags.


    Yes, not buying the game is a solution as well. But even if you dont buy the game, dont think EA will get bankrupt because of that. They have still huge cows to milk, like Fifa, Madden etc.


    I tried asian servers once, and yes they are bad. Lots of fishy dudes inside. I also love to watch an asian Battlefield player on Twitch callled Gen. Odyssey, hes a very skilled dude.. but its funny to see that most of the times he has to leave the game and enter spectator mode to watch cheaters in action. 

    Report system in this game is also bad. Needs to be easier and faster. When i play and theres a cheater in the server, in chat i always find many people asking the players how to report a cheater. And you have to stay there and explain them step by step. Just frustrating and mind blowing. 

    Yes, i mentioned also the fact that you dont receive emails by EA anymore. First thing that surprised me of this game. Like i said, sometimes im confused if there is even an anticheat activated in this game. Or probably the disabled the emails on purpose i dont know. 

    Anyway, this game need a better anticheat system. Even if EA Dice improve Fairfight like they say they will do, i dont think it will be still enough. We have the example of Raibow Six Siege that demonstrated the inefficacy of FairFight compared to a better one as Battleye. Battleye in PUBG did a great work banning like 20 millions of accounts.

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