Time: the knife edge of BFV

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BFV's fast TTK is frustrating at times. So here's just a few numbers to mull over. I've simplified the units down to milliseconds (ms)

A 600rpm full auto weapon fires a round every 100ms.
A 1200rpm full auto weapon fires a round every 50ms.
A 180rpm semi auto weapon fires a round every 333ms and also equates to pulling a trigger 30 times in 10 seconds.
A 360rpm semiauto equates to 60 triggers pulls in 10 seconds (upper limit, but in BFV you need only the first 3 to 5!).
Human finger reaction time with training and a startle factor is about 100ms (upper limit) with novice times of 150ms typical.

These data show all the living and death in BFV swirls around differences of just 10s of milliseconds. You can do you own math for the TTK estimate for your favorite gun (aka. damage profile). Add your TTK to your reaction time and ping and it's obvious what a ping differential between players of 60ms can make.

So, my ping group of 75 to 100ms (mine is about 90ms avg, but floats from 75 to 100 with typical connection quality) compared to players with 30ms ping shows just how short life is in the eternity of the 60ms of the past in which I live and die, over and over...

In other words ping makes significant competitive difference in BFV!

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