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never thought i'd say this but i hope the new COD puts the final nail in BFV coffin.
this game is an absolute joke and the vast majority of the community has been the punchline.
80€ for a game that feels like an intern was locked into a room after being drugged?!
almost all feedback is either ignored or perverted into stupid additions like the oh so great elites.
if i worked this lazy and badly on my job I'd be unemployed within a week no questions asked about that. DICE got lazy and now they are the laughing stock. but maybe this is for the better and someone will realise the mistakes that were made with this mess. quality control much? i think you guys should take a year off and reevaluate your profession.
i personally have been in BF since BC1 but this. if this is your best....
i've never been so conflicted about any BF game ever. i really want to know if the devs who work on this are happy with the product.


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