An Exhortation To Fair Play

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Dear [removed] ,
Hello to the fine members of  (tag) [removed] .
Are you aware that you have two members of your group sullying and disrespecting the name [removed] by 'playing unfairly' in Firestorm ?
I (and anyone else who saw them) are left to wonder if ALL of your membership ARE the same as those two that I've (we've) documented .
Please prove us wrong (and I know we are) by PM'ing me for the names of the two miscreants currently besmirching your tag .
Thanks in advance for your positive response to 'your' issue .

This thread IS an exhortation to Fair Play aimed directly at an identified group in the positive hopes that they take action .
They ARE identified here so that I don't get a thousand groups asking me which (tag) I'm referring to .
In this thread I optimistically assume that the group as a whole are NOT as I pessimistically assume them to be .
I am confident that the forthcoming PM's will prove this . . .which I WILL illuminate .
. . . as I've clearly NOT Named-or-Shamed but instead exhort , and as the ENTIRETY of 'The Issue' (Duo's in Solo) yet remains an unanswered 'grey' area anyway . . .
I see no reason to close this thread until the expected positive responses arrive and are illuminated .
Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding .
[edited for name and shame]
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