Weapon Classes

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Posted this before but Firestorm should consider implementing the following as a way of utilizing a key BFV feature:

1. Common (Green) Guns - enables 1 specialization from PLAYER company, no sights
2. Uncommon (Blue) Guns - enables 2 specialization from PLAYER company, 1 and 1.5 x sights enabled
3. Rare (Pink) Guns - enables 3 specializations from PLAYER company, 1-6 x sights enabled
4. Legendary (Gold) Guns - enables 4 specialization from PLAYER company, 1-6 x sights enabled

Essentially when you loot a certain color weapon you are enabling the use of your own selected weapon specializations from your company.  If you don't have specializations unlocked for a particular weapon then you could either be limited to what you have unlocked/selected or there could be a default set of specializations.  Since sights are not a locked item for any guns, perhaps there could be an added functionality to change them out in-match depending on what is enabled for the particular level gun you have looted.  I just see this as a way to add a much larger variety to firestorm weaponry and again utilize the specializations functionality already built into the game.

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