Seems to be lot of cheaters in firestorm

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I have been spectating lot of players lately in firestorm after getting killed. Today there was a guy who knew exactly where i was and dropped missile and arty on me even after i moved so he could not see me. And then he shot me trough a wall.  Then when spectating him he had his flare gun out and he turned around until he saw someone through a building...never using the flare. He picked the guy up and took his flare gun out again and scanned around. Spotted the next guy and got rid of him. Killed all 12 players at the end and knew exactly where to hit through walls or top of buildings with missiles. Then there are the people who can shoot through mountains with their tanks. And people with unlimited amount of missiles in firestorm,,, 6 missiles from one squad in a minute and they still had missiles on everyone.


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