game is ruined

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I will not go into details, but after a few days away from the game I returned to have the worst experiences I've ever had. If something isn't done soon, this game will be dead within a few more months. I cannot see it continuing to have a player base into 2020 if things aren't addressed...

This is likely the last BF title I will buy, and I was hugely enthusiastic about this franchise for years. But from my observations, DICE/EA have got too complacent and either simply do not care or they do not have the same calibre of teams working on the game like they used too. There is no excuse for what players are experiencing on a daily basis from a AAA title like this. It's not like this is your first outing on a game, you have over a decade of experience behind you. It's upsetting that many players still have much passion for your franchise, but their voices are falling on deaf ears. 

BFV is a fantastic game, and would be the best in the franchise if the obvious was dealt with. But as it stands i'm deeply disappointed in lack of action or stance against those that are out to destroy the game for others.

Regards...A disappointed fan who's candle is going out.


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