Battlefield V Nvidia GeForce RTX Screenshot Contest - August

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The last contest focused on #OnlyinBattlefield moments in Firestorm, and wow - y'all had a lot. It was awesome - and one of my favorite things to do - to watch all of your submitted videos (even the ones that were ineligible).
Which leads us to THIS contest.

For this contest, we're looking for amazing screenshots, digital art (edited screenshots), blended images (two different images merged), etc. for Battlefield V.
There will be 10 winners who will receive an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080TI Founder's Edition GPU. 

Main Rules:
  • Entries must be submitted in Image Hosting site link, such as Imgur or Flickr format following the Entry instructions above.
  • Image(s) must be a minimum of 1920x1080. The images can be:
    • Original digital creations inspired by Battlefield V
    • Screenshots (raw)
    • Screenshots (enhanced or edited via photo editing software)
    • If they use another player’s screenshot (and make alterations, edits, or additions - as some do), you must credit them in the description of the image. Only the person who submitted the entry will be eligible to win.
    • Composites (two or more screenshots blended)
    • No watermarks.
    • If you have previously won a Battlefield V Nvidia GeForce RTX content contest, you are ineligible.
How do you enter?
But Jeff, that URL says YouTube, what do?
  • That URL asks for a link. You can submit an IMGUR, FLICKR, or any other image hosting URL for your images.
Bruh, my whole FLICKR is fire. Can I just submit my whole site?
  • No. Do not submit an entire directory. One entry at a time. You can submit multiple entries, but don't send a directory or image account and expect us to look through them. You pick your best work and send it on.
How many times can we enter, Jeff?
  • You can enter multiple times. However, you can only win once.
Contest deadline is August 25th, 2019.
  • Judging will take approxiamately 2 weeks and we'll announce the 10 winners (and reach out to them for shipping) before or during the week of September 9th.
Good luck!


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