Demote squad leader



  • ElliotLH
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    lol last week i was in a squad and the squad leader had amassed some 40k points but wouldn't give any orders. so i requested one. 5 minutes later, i'm the squad leader. so i set an order and call in a bomb on a base where all the enemy is currently sitting. minutes later i get a slew of hate messages from the former squad leader yelling about how i "stole" his position and his points and demanding that i leave. i will never understand people who refuse to give out orders. it helps you and everyone else in your squad.

    I tend too give as much order as I can when Im leader, only thing annoy me a bit is when you earn ton of point enough for a V-1 Rocket and gave order, one of your squad member Spam "request order" over and over.
    yeah i totally get being annoyed at someone spamming request order because that's a person who clearly has an agenda to be squad leader.
    And a prime candidate for a kicking. Plus then you can enjoy the 'fun' mini-game of them re-joining and getting kicked repeatedly.
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