By completing "Defying the Odds", players should be rewarded with an elite skin of choice

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...or the BFC equivalent. Or selection from an exclusive set of elite skins.

I'm about to finish it (3 more chapters left) and looking ahead at the rewards, I feel wholly underwhelmed. It's just not a good look to say "this is your rewards, whether you like them or not" (not to say they look bad or anything). If instead we earned a "golden ticket", that allowed us some agency in our rewards, well, that would feel much better. In addition, this is great area to flex the dev's good will towards us. Not as recompense (I have been thoroughly enjoying the game), but for reasons of virtue.


  • ElliotLH
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    There's a pretty nice skin as the rank 40 reward. However, the weekly ToW rewards have been lacklustre for quite some time now and other than the final reward for the entire chapter the XP rewards have been fairly 'meh' this time around too.

    Personally I'd rather have vehicles and weapons being the weekly rewards and 'rewards' like facepaint and skins should be chapter XP rewards. 

    Edit - Wow I said 'rewards' a lot there. Time to buy a thesaurus. 
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