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[BFH] Gunshots will not register in Campaign mode

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Good morning. While I understand BFH is now considered a legacy product, and as such official support may be limited or non-existent, but I've been unable to troubleshoot an apparent bug I've encountered. After my initial installation and deactivating my anti-virus software, I was able to play without issue. When I returned to resume Ep. I the following day, I none of my gunshots were registering on any hostile characters, even at point-blank range. My research on these forums, EA's Answer HQ forums, and the web have produced little solutions. I've deactivated my anti-virus software again to see if it contributes to this issue, but so far it hasn't resolved the issue. I have the option to use beta versions of Origin enabled. I believe I read a potential fix involved going offline to install, then not updating. However, since I have a digital key, I have no original installation media for launch version of the game. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Soooo, I reloaded the game after a couple of days, and I was able to progress. Very strange, but I'll take it. Thanks.

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