Its better to limit snipers on each map



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    In my opinion everyone is free to use what they want, sure, but you aren't a real Battlefield player if you have the courage to say that having half of your attacking team on breakthrough composed of snipers, sitting in the spawn without even spotting or using flares is a nice gaming experience. Lately the problem is even greater! It's the third time that i lose on the last sectors because of these people that don't help you at all. In my opinion modes like breakthrough SHOULD have a class limit at least for the sniper class, the game becomes unplayable, unfun and stressful to the few that want to play objectives. I also noticed that the majority of new players, mostly low level noobs, seem to be attracted to the sniper class like flies on feces! And the comparison is intended. What are their thoughts? Do they think that using a sniper makes you the coolest kid in the lobby? I know i might seem too angry about a game but this is only the dying cry of a real bf fan that can't even play the game anymore because of this playerbase. To me is really sad...
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