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Firestorm Solo low population allowing certain peeps to team together

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Sadly, there is not much EA can do at this point about the low population on Firestorm servers. However, an unfortunate consequence of that issue is that it has been allowing for certain players to team up with a friend, or friends, on Firestorm Solo servers to gain an unfair advantage against the remaining solo players and drastically increase their chance to win.

The main reason for my post is to understand if EA has any rule against this type of unfair teaming, and if so, would the typical "Origin Report for Cheating" be appropriate for these players? Or, is this behavior actually allowed given that these people are not actually cheating per se, they are simply taking advantage of the low population Firestorm solo servers issue.

Actually, I have won several Solos at this point killing parties of 2, 3, and even 4 players teaming together, which is pretty enjoyable I might add. Yet, I've also lost several wins due to it. 
As a matter of fact, an hour before this post, and to my surprise, I just lost to a team of two guys (I guess they brought DUO back only for them) playing together on a Firestorm Solo round, where one of them is in the Top 20 PC Firestorm Solo Wins in the World! That is pretty lame and I would love if EA could punish these folks by resetting their padded Firestorm Solo stats.

I am not here to shame anyone in particular. I am simply curious about what EA's stance is about this teaming problem plaguing the Firestorm Solo servers on PC.

Note: I have already reported the aforementioned top #20 SoloWins guy via the Origin>Cheating route (with comments saying that he was teaming, not actually cheating) with my Twitch Channel highlight video as proof.


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    Teaming is treated as cheating and grounds for a permanent ban in every other BR game, and I have no reason to think it would be different for Firestorm. Adam Freeman (PartWelsh) jokingly threatened to ban JackFrags for teaming in one of JF's recent videos, so that's at least one DICE dev that knows teaming is a problem.

    By now, the epidemic is clear. I don't believe DICE has spoken about it directly yet. It's also objectively the biggest cheating issue right now. On console, we're lucky to avoid a lot of the cheating problems that afflict PC, but teaming hits everybody equally.

    It's a tough problem to squash, since like you say the lack of players isn't a problem easily fixed. But I think there are hurdles DICE can implement to make it harder, such as disallowing Platoons and Friends from getting put into the same Solo matches.
  • Alpha_Topdog
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    Last night 3rd to last squad, we get taken out by 8 guys. All clan WOLF - this crap has to end, Firestorm cheating is crazy! And the matchups Also let the pros play against pros.
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    I agree with your teaming comment, as 2 separate squads should not be allowed to play as one in Firestorm Squad rounds.

    However, your depiction of "Pros" is not only dubious, it is also not the subject covered in this discussion.

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