Looking for MilSim group [XBOX]

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I'm Khan and i'm looking for a MilSim to join. I have led many clans in the past but wanted to start from the start again. 

I believe everyone needs to reset every once awhile and for me that's now.

I would like to join a milsim based on either the Germans, the Australians or The English. (I have seen some before)

I have just recently found many groups via YouTube but most of them are on PC. As the title states i am looking for a Xbox MilSim. I am happy to start anywhere and also happy to help new and or old groups grow and prosper. 

I do know military callouts, signs ect ect. This is due to my past in many different clans on different games and my studies in this field. 

I go by a few things. Mateship, Courage, leadership and effort. These to me are some of the most important things in a group and in real life. 

My strengths:
- Leadership 
- Sniping 
- Pushing Objectives 
- Boosting moral 
- Speeches
- Running events 
- Knowing when to observe and to take action
- Honesty (Can be a negative)

My weaknesses: 
- Never ask's for help
- If not in a proper team doing things lone wolf style 
- Honesty 

How to contact me:

GT: Khan Arryn
Discord: Jedi General Anakin Skywalker#1663
And also here!!

I am in Australia but will be able to be active with Americas and more.

Thank you for your time and i hope to hear back from you soon.


Khan Arryn
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