Battlefield V - OIB Moments of the Week - August 20th

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We've got 4 new videos and a new voting survey for you.
Just a quick reminder:
  • There will be two weekly winners.
  • Winners will receive THREE (3) #BestCommunityintheWorld Emblem codes (redeemable in Origin or on Origin.comfor all platforms attached to the account) to share with their community, followers, or friends.
  • Sometimes we'll feature cinematics, trailer recuts, etc. Just looking for great content.

Best Community in the World Emblem
You can vote for one of the 4 videos here:
(Make sure to give them an upvote on their Reddit post as well. Links below)

And the winners are:




Congrats! I'll be reaching out with THREE #BestCommunityintheWorld emblem codes - one for you, 2 for your friends/squadmates.

Think you've got a winning clip? Send it along to me (via PM, post in this thread, or hit me up on Twitter) and we'll take a look. Good luck, and have fun on the Battlefield!


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