Why Kill Duo?

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Battlefield V has had a rough start. I think everyone can admit that. Overall, I think it is getting better it but still has a long way to go. One thing I think could be done better is to bring back Firestorm Duo PERMANENTLY!!! I, for instance, play mostly with my brother when we have time. With squad, it takes us 5 minutes to find a match and even then it’s just the two of us recently against squads of 4. I miss the duo mode when all we had to do is find a server with open slots and off we go as an army of two. Plus it’s a lot easier to coordinate with people you know versus random. Anyone else want Duo back?


  • PtBlankDiplomacy
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    Yes, I see a lot of people on Reddit who want duos back permanently. Some even suggest to remove solos and replace it with duos, and I could not agree with them more. Solo is basically a hide to win mode in my opinion, so replacing it with duos will be for the best.

    Also it is easier to try and communicate with one random person than with three, as players rarely use mics on PC. Even if there is no communication established, one is arguably at a lesser disadvantage in duos than in squads. A fight between a silent squad and a VOIP squad always result defeat of the first one.
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