Is it worth it coming back?

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After asking the same question in BFV general discussions I tried the game and I can confirm that it was a pretty bad and more like a waste of time ! So after that I was thinking to move back to an older title either BF1 or BF4 so 

I haven't played BF1 for over a year now and I haven't been able to unlock a couple of things and on the other hand on BF4 I kind of moved up some classes so between BF1 and BF4 is it worth it coming back and giving the game another try after all the disappointment of BFV ? 

Also I have a couple of more questions such as 

I really hope there are no cheaters in the game which are probably included in the core game of BFV !
and also are private servers a thing in the game ? I haven't really searched for that information or if it is better to join a private server !


  • Titan_Awaken
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    It's definitely worth coming back after a year! 

    I myself have just come back after a long hiatus and the game still has its magic. I don't get frustrated and annoyed when I die in this game as it is fair and balanced unlike BFV where you die in an absurdly low TTK by an enemy you can't even see because of the poor visibility.

    RSP is a thing in this game but it's considerably toned down compared to BF3/4. I can't tell you about the cheating situation because I don't face it at all personally even though I'm on PC.

    Play a game or two and see if you like it!
  • ronybaloney
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    Just do it.
    If it's fun and enjoyment you seek, you won't be disappointed.
  • MachoFantast1c0
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    I gave BFV some five months, but it's just not a good and enjoyable game, so I've been playing BF1 again exclusively. Couldn't be happier.
  • PackersDK
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    Give it a go. I’m having loads of fun, and really realized what an unfun grind BFV had become to me.

    Nothing is perfect, obviously. I forgot how much I really, really hate BF1s idiotic bayonet charge. Sucks you into death animation from 10 feet away even if you get 2 shotgun rounds off. The BF version of COD panic knifing. 

    Made a new account though. Just couldn’t play from lvl 150 with everything unlocked. But that’s just me.
  • Emporer2
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    I had stepped away from Battlefield 1 for several months but have recently felt the itch to jump back into it (I blame my viewing of Battlefield Friends for reigniting that itch). I find that coming back after awhile allows me to really enjoy the game again. There are still some bugs and some annoyances but overall it's still a fun game to play. My only issue is how long it takes for some of the Operation lobbies to fill up. Other than that, I'm enjoying BF1 as much now as I did when the game was first released.
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