Servers lying about number of players. [Critical issue to playability]

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Atleast in bf4 servers are actively lying about their playercount. What is eta on fix/report function to this?
There seems to be option of getting some 3rd party browser plugin that already has fix on this, also way hosts cheat the system works so that server details does not show any players in.

As result fix should be rather simple to implement, compared to most other bugs.
So any eta on when we can properly find servers in our mostly multiplayer game?

Thank you.


  • Marten2018
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    Maybe DICE can try to remove the [Join Server] button directly from Battlelog, Can be solved.

    Because of this situation, the attack tool is simulating someone trying to click the [Join Server] button, Add one player every 3 seconds. (But actually did not really join the server)

    As long as this button continues to exist, a problem cannot be solved.
  • ElTrenloco
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    Funny you should say that! Iam a BF3 fantastic since the game was released. I have noticed thou since I came back from a break off the game there is plenty of servers saying like "11 players" but when you join ur either on your own or there is just one or two REAL players...?? Why is this being allowed?
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    I can only say a fake player count, Money trading from underground, Someone collects money to provide this paid service, This is the result of Battlelog.
  • IIPrest0nII
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