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Every time I bayonet charge right at someone, I just slip past them like they were a wall, why is this?
Does anyone do anything about hackers anymore? About twice a day I see people running around one shotting me with an LMG from across the map, while they are invisible.
Why do people like the Model 10-A shotgun when its still only good when close up? What if your enemy is a sniper and is so far away?
Also I pressed "ESC" to go to options during a match, and it made me get stuck on a "Next operation in x seconds" screen. I was forced to quit.
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    The bayonet charge is one of those mechanics where if you're not charging them head on, you'll miss the sometimes, not all. As a general rule, the greater your turn angle is, the greater your chance of missing is. Any angle over 60° just don't bother. 

    You can report cheaters to EA Support but they're notoriously slow when it comes to taking action, aka useless. It's better that you notify a server admin if possible. If you're playing on [DICE] Official servers then this is not applicable.

    The 10A is by far the best shotgun in the entire game and that's an irrefutable fact. Looking on Battlefield Tracker reveals that the majority of kills (>50%) using shotguns is done with the Model 10A Hunter variant. I know shotguns in real life don't have as an egregious spread pattern but due to balancing concerns, you can't make shotguns super accurate engaging medium to long ranges without making them OP - it will effectively render other assault weapons obsolete. If you're looking to 'snipe' someone with a shotgun from a long ways away, I'd suggest the Model 10A Slug; that might be what you're looking for.

    This is a bug. It's unlikely to get fixed at this point in time (or ever). If you're feeling lucky, you can try your luck by submitting a bug report on EA Answers HQ.
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    Yeah the bayonet charge is whack for sure! More times than not I just run right by, or just bounce of them. It's frustrating because I always seem to get hit when someone is charging at me, even when I'm in a group of ppl! Than I see ppl charge from prone, charge without running 1st, and than do a 360 charge in a small room. But than I watch YT vids and it seems like the charger is magnetically attracted to the enemy, even if the partially run by the get the kill animation. I get 1 shot killed alot by guns, especially LMG's but this is probably due to the fact I play multiple server locations. I've never really cared for the Model 10A, but the slug variant is a blast and I get tons of hate mail from campy scouts that I kill with it.
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    Sounds like you're on PC since cheating is much more common than console. There's not a lot you can do except change servers. 

    The Model 10A is the most popular since it's the best overall shotgun. However, shotguns in general on BF1 can be frustrating since their hits can be inconsistent - sometimes a one hit kill sometimes more even in identical situations. If you're using a shotgun, you have to keep to areas where you'll have the advantage (very close quarters). Of course, that's true with any weapon in BF1 - learn its strengths and weaknesses and play to its strengths. 
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