Possible new gamemode(s) for a new Battlefield or BF5?

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Hey guys,

I've had some experiences in some gamemode's in which a team completely dominates the other team. Resulting sometimes in spawn camping.

I've came up with the idea/suggestion for future updates/new battlefield game to add an 3 team option.

Having 3 teams in 1 match makes the game balanced in a different way. There's no team that completely dominates 1 other, because there will be another team to balance that.

The idea is to have 3 teams of each 20 players (4 squads of 5 players OR 5 squads of 4 players each team).

Every Battlefield game except for Battlefield 5 has had multiple factions you can play as, for example BF4 has China, Russia & the US. Battlefield 1 has Russia, Austria-Hungarians, Turkish & Italians and so on.

A match would look like this map (spawn locations): https://imgshare.io/image/yLMUZ

What are the benefits of having 3 teams?

More balanced matches
* Possibly less spawncamping
* Complete new experience
* More enemies to kill
* Harder gamemode objectives having more enemy players on the field.
*Camping in 1 spot is hard, because enemies can now come from all directions, ofcourse in the current gamemode's they can come from different directions aswell.
But, sometimes a team attacks from a specific position giving a defender an easy task supressing/sniping the attacker.  Now it's harder as there are 2 teams approaching from different locations.

What kind of gamemode(s) can you play with 3 teams at once?

* Capture the flag: Put a flag in the middle, have 3 teams fight to capture it.
* Conquest: Adjusted maps to support 3 team spawn locations (see screenshot above)

Thanks for reading, i'd like to know how you guys think about this :D

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