Why the Panzerbuchse is bad, and how to fix anti-material rifles

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First, let me say that after seven weeks of skins it's good to finally have a new weapon, even if that weapon has a lot of problems.

What's wrong with the PB39? Almost everything. If I went into full detail, this would run on for 10,000 words or so, so let's just keep this short:
- Bipod reliance. This makes the weapon borderline useless for any kind of reliability in aggressive gameplay, because it is so painfully slow, mechanically-broken, and the map design is terrible for it.
- Too much reliance on semi-hipfire shots to defend yourself, and this is honestly more effective than it should be.
- 1HKs that aren't headshots. This is the one thing pretty much everyone wanted gone from BF1. They're cheap and zero fun, even on the dealing end.
- Horrible muzzle velocity. In real life, the PB39 had a muzzle velocity of 1210 m/s. In BFV, it's more like 450-500 m/s.
- Incredibly slow rate of fire. In between shots, you are completely helpless for three seconds. This is in a game where TTKs are about 1/3 of one second.
- Deals very minor damage to tanks while informing that tanker exactly where you are.

I've had a few decent streaks with this weapon, but only when the enemy team just wasn't shooting at me. That's not a good endorsement. It's terrible on offense, subpar for defense, and really only good for low-skill campers who make good use of BFV's bad visibility. Good players will be better off using anything else.

The Boys has most of the same problems. So how do we fix these weapons?
1. Take away 1HKs on infantry body hits. This is mandatory. They're cheap and lame. Out. Gone. Give these weapons ~90 body damage and ~80 leg damage.
2. Give them (and all Recon primaries) realistic muzzle velocities.
3. To make up for losing 1HKs:
3a. Allow these weapons to shoulder-fire without bipods, albeit aiming in slowly and with a massive recoil that slows down rechambering.
3b. Implement knockdowns similar to the V1 effect. This will prevent surviving enemies from being an immediate threat to the shooter while avoiding the filth of 1HKs.
3c. Allow players using AM rifles to equip high-capacity secondary weapons, like pistol carbines. This way players can still PTFO and don't have to lean entirely on their awkward primary or wimpy sidearm.
4. Improve close and mid-range damage to tank turrets, engines, and tracks while removing glancing blows from Battlefield forever.

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