bf1 settings for CPU bottleneck renderahead

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hi there,
finaly i was playing with some settings to get better performance on older CPUS...
so biggest gain i iget with RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 3 which you must type in game / console mode...
other settings all on low, except filtering High, Post Process, medium, Antialias TAA, Ambient occlusion HBAO, motion blur 50%, 1080p/60hz
for nvidia 1060 /3gb, and i got 8gb ram and duo core2 q9550 at 3.4ghz


  • elderwarriors
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    Come on man, seriously ??

    Keep the 1060 (it's ok, 6gb is better), then get yourself a desktop. You are playing on little laptop with 8gb ram ????? ………….. and complaining about the performance of the game ????

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