(FAI) Fairy Battalion (EU) Recruiting!

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Fairy Battalion is a new platoon.
My aim with this platoon is to make it a small 32 max platoon, kind of a wink to Battlefield 32 vs 32 but also not to let the platoon get too big.
As said this platoon is European based specifically in the evening hours.
The aim is to get a friendly, casual and adult but team oriented community together, I also have a Discord server though this is the first one I created so the first to join can be a guinea pig just to see if I screwed up somewhere.

Rules & Requirements:

- Have a Microphone
- Have Discord
- 18+ or act like one
- Talk English
- Being salty is okeej but constrain yourself
- Be respectful to others


If what you've read over here is something you'd like to be a part of give me a holler on the forum or add me in origin, I will relay over the discord details if you wanna join.
Questions are also welcome of course!

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