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EA/DICE seem to have abanoned us to outrageous cheaters

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Sick and tired of seeing repeat offenders playing on BF1 - EA/DICE dont seem to care, this is an obvious move to push a second  rate game such as BFV.

You have lost my loyalty entirely - I hope others follow, maybe BD3 will be better ? Anything is better than this!


  • BigF33t_13
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    That's the first time I've heard this.
  • Fruxen
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    Booted up BF1 today. As usual in (my) morning hours only 4-5 full servers available.

    Joined the first one. A 200-2 cheater was ruining everything.
    So I reported him and moved to the next server.
    Another 200-0 cheater was ruining everything.

    WTH has happened!? Just a few months ago I didn't see any confirmed cheaters at all, and very few of those suspicious players. This game is struggling as it is with it's small player base. I'm not going back to BFV. :(
  • Carbonic
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    I’ve closed this thread.

    As I've been instructed by people from EA, threads and discussion about cheating is currently being closed on the Battlefield forum. Please read the last post in the cheating mega thread about the current situation:

    And the blog post: for the approach on cheating in general.

    I know the posts above are for BFV and not BF1 but the posts work for BF1 too.

    The moderators and community managers on the forum are not part of the anti-cheat team so we can’t discuss the processes or details of cheat detection or the results of any reports.

    For people who want to report cheating:
    Forums are not the place to report cheating. Don’t do it - “Naming and shaming” is not allowed on the forum. EA has a FAQ that gives excellent detail on how to report cheating, abuse, and harassment for almost every platform:

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