Teaming in Firestorm PS4: Evidence

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So, I've read a few threads about teaming in Firestorm. Since there is no real report button within Firestorm that gives you an option to report the certain players so DICE can look it in to it, I used the share button to get the proof of 3 guys teaming. Seriously, there needs to be something done about it. I've encountered it several times now within a few days, and it's getting very annoying. So I decided to capture the footage and hope anyone can do it something about it @ DICE... 

YouTube: just skip through the clip, its pretty long but the teaming is very obvious.. Got killed in the beginning and then just kept spectating.  Names at the end when the final circle hits  and also included in the video description. 

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    Your reporting is based on your platform. If you're on PC report via Origin, if your on console report them via normal console means. I've removed your link for name and shame which is not allowed on the forums.
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