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Bolt Action Rifles and Sniper Rilfes as separate weapon categories

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Bothered me since beta that the most common weapons of the war are relegated to a niche role where their usefulness to the team diminishes as the number of them in play increases. I think it would be beneficial to the weapons to have them separated into two categories, both focused on different playstyles.
Sniper Rifles largely staying the same with specialisations focused on sniping. Retaining their unlimited 1-shot capabilities but losing access to short range sights.
Bolt Action Rifle category receiving specialisations to help in closer range gameplay and close range sights while sacrificing their unlimited 1 shot capacity (similar to the carbines)
I feel that separating them into two categories would be easier to balance than simply increasing damage and damage drop off with the singular sniper rifle category that we have now. It would allow for balancing the Bolt Action Rifle close range capacity without potentially making Sniper Rifles overpowered.
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