NFX recruiting in EU

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Are you sick and tired of getting killed by invisible proned MMG fggts? Are you sick and tired of teammates that are only camping and not pushing the objective? Are you sick and tired of not getting revived by random blueberrys and squad mates? Well look no further! We here in NFX have a large community and we have opened our doors to new blood. We are looking for you that are hungry to play to win and have decent stats and are willing to play as a team. We usually play Breakthrough but also play the good gamemodes such as Frontlines whenever they are active. We like to use Discord to communicate for better teamwork and the atmosphere in our server is very controversial and NSFW, so if you are a soft person I suggest you look somewhere else. My Discord ID is: TheFacelessMan91#1203, Origin: TheFacelessMan91
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