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When players are reported on and on as cheaters, then please check them and finally ban them. Or is the report-function of BF1 already shut down? Haven't played for a few days or weeks, started my first game and run into the same cheater I had on my server a long time ago, thats pretty frustrating.

(videos removed due to breaking forum rules about naming and shaming)
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  • Forkbeard84
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    Nobodies gonna do anything...  EA is done helping with cheaters now.  Not that they ever helped much with PC cheaters.  Want less cheating, get a console.    Too bad I know.
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    This ain't the right place to name a player suspected of cheating, bud. No action can be taken on the forums whatsoever so open a ticket to EA Support and send your videos there.

    Now whether they decide to take any action on that player, I can't say. 
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    Thanks for letting EA know how you feel about cheating.

    I’ve closed this thread. As instructed by people from EA, threads and discussion about cheating is currently being closed on the Battlefield forum. Please read the last post in the cheating mega thread about the current situation:

    And the blog post: for the approach on cheating in general.

    The moderators and community managers on the forum are not part of the anti-cheat team so we can’t discuss the processes or details of cheat detection or the results of any reports.

    For people who want to report cheating:
    Forums are not the place to report cheating. Don’t do it - “Naming and shaming” is not allowed on the forum. EA has a FAQ that gives excellent detail on how to report cheating, abuse, and harassment for almost every platform:

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