Setting fair expectations for Update 4.6

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Hey folks,

Later today, I’ll be posting our 4.6 update notes. Prior to that, I wanted to set some expectations for the content previously shared for Chapter 4, and give you some insight on what to expect with this update.

Update 4.6 - This launches tomorrow. We’ve seen positive results on the top 3 Issues that we’ve been tracking since the launch of 4.4, and we’re confident that we’ll be seeing a resolution to the High Ping, and Firestorm Loot issues that have been affecting players this month. Big thanks for your patience whilst we got those resolved - there’s tons of other fixes and improvements in this months update so check back later today for the full notes.

Al Sundan - No update is complete without some Al Sundan. This map will go live on Conquest and Breakthrough following the release of this weeks Update on all three platforms.

Private Games - Our September update will not enable Private Games as we had hoped. It’s absolutely coming to Battlefield V but we have slowed our progress here in order to keep our focus on fixing issues, and ensuring that you're receiving the right standard of quality with each update. Our next Blog from the development team will be detailing the full feature set that we’re expecting with the first release of Private Games. This feature is now planned to release during Chapter 5.

Battlefest - It’s coming back for the lead up to Pacific, and will feature in Game Challenges that will allow Players to unlock the Trench Carbine, the Madsen MG, as well as other rewards that we’ll be detailing closer to the start of Battlefest.

Firestorm Loot Changes/Respawn Mechanic - In blogs published after EA Play, we said that we were working on introducing a radically different Looting system, as well as a Respawn Mechanic similar to the one found in Apex. These plans are presently on hold, and are being re-evaluated whilst we focus our efforts on restoring quality to the core of the Battlefield experience. 

Our update notes will be published here on the forums in a few hours time, over in the Discussion Boards.

Freeman // @PartWelsh

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