UPDATED - Battlefield V - Update 4.6.1



  • timebanditbfv
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    dice fix your game

  • ChickenTheTank
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    edited October 2019
    OskooI_007 wrote: »
    120+fps butter smooth gameplay plus native mouse and keyboard support.

    Native mouse and keyboard support has been on the xbox for a while now, not sure about PS4.

    And I'm going to disagree with butter smooth gameplay. I see significantly less issues reported for consoles vs PC. My XB1X has had pretty good performance, and I've experienced very few of the bugs I've heard about and seen videos since all the way back to launch.

    Plus, no hackers!
  • Wboson
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    And the constant server crashes. Got 2 times in a row kicked out of the server with a squad- just when you get full epic gear...
  • HugoPlayNow
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    Playing a game with a keyboard and mouse sucks.  After years of keyboard and mouse all you get is a bad shoulder back problems and carpal tunnel.  And that was just from work and not twitch gaming!

    With the console I can kick back instead of being hunched over a desk.
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